Please fill in your details below and select the event you are applying to display your club stands at.

  • One application must be made per stand, per event.
  • One vehicle pass and two weekend pass will be issues per vehicle entered.
  • All applications must be made at least 8 weeks prior to the start of each event.
  • We will assess your requirements and a member of the Events team will be in touch.

    Club Details

    Club Stand Details

    The Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic, Newark ShowgroundThe Carole Nash Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show, The Bath and West ShowgroundThe Footman James Great Western Autojumble, The Bath and West ShowgroundThe Hagon Shocks Classic Dirtbike Show, The Telford International CentreThe Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show, Stafford ShowgroundSouthern Classic Motorcycle Show, Kempton Park RacecourseClassic & Performance Car Spectacular & Cheshire Autojumble, Tatton ParkThe Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show, The Bath and West ShowgroundStars & Stripes Classic American Car Show, Tatton Park“Passion For Power” Classic Motor Show, Tatton ParkThe Carole Nash Netley Marsh Eurojumble, Netley MarshThe Carole Nash Classic Mechanics Show, Stafford ShowgroundThe International Dirt Bike Show, Stoneleigh ParkThe Footman James Classic Vehicle Restoration Show, The Bath and West ShowgroundSouthern Classic Off Road Show, Kempton Park Racecourse

    Risk Assessment

    Using the guidelines shown below please consider what a risk there are during the show. Outline the steps you propose to take to minimise that risk in the table below. If in your opinion there is no risk please state 'NO RISK' and submit the form.
    NB: Please see guidance notes below this form.

    Fire Assessment


    NB: No Liquid gas cylinders are allowed within display halls.

    Camping Assessment

    NB: Camping not available at all shows and is strictly limited by space. Please see your show pack for details on when you may arrive on site and when you must vacate the showground.





    Application/Risk Assesment Notes

    Legal Infomation

    Submitting this form does not guarantee you a stand at the event.
    Mortons Media Group Ltd reserves the right to reject any application without the need for verbal/written explanation.

    By submitting this form you agree that all the information is correct to the best of your knowledge and that you are authorised to make this application on behalf of the above club.


    If you require assistance with filling in this form or have any further questions please contact the events team at or 01507 529430.



    TO CONTROL THE RISK[/th][/tr]

    [tr][td]Look for hazards which you could reasonably expect to result in significant harm under the conditions at your plot. Use the following examples as a guide.[/td] [td]There is no need to list individuals by name – just think about groups of people doing similar work or who may be affected e.g[/td] [td]For hazards the hazards listed, do the precautions already taken[/td][/tr]

    [tr][td]Slipping/tripping hazards
    Chemicals (e.g battery acid)
    Moving parts of machinery (e.g blades)
    Work at height (e.g from mezzanine floors)
    Pressure systems
    Vehicles (e.g fork-lift trucks)
    Dust (e.g from grinding)
    Manual handling
    Lifting operation[/td] [td]Maintenance personnel
    People sharing your work place
    Members of the public
    Pay particular attention to:
    Staff with disabilities
    Inexperienced staff
    Lone workers – They may be more vulnerable[/td] [td]Meet the standards set by legal requirements?
    Comply with a recognised industry standards?
    Represent good practice?
    Reduce risk as far as reasonably practicable?
    To ensure safety have you:
    Adequate information, instruction or training?
    Adequate systems or procedures?
    If so, then the risks are adequately controlled, but you need to indicate the precautions you have in place.
    Where the risk is not adequately controlled indicate what more you need to do (the ‘action list’)[/td][/tr]

    [tr][th]Fire Hazard e.g combustible materials (rubbish, flammable substances, LPG etc) and ignition sources (flames, smoking etc)[/th] [th]As above[/th] [th]Means of escape: fire detection and alarms.
    Fire fighting equipment and fire evacuation plan.[/th][/tr]


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